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Our Story

September, 2019

Al Pastor Tacos 

The gents craft their first homemade hot sauce. 

October, 2019

Original Recipe Perfected 

After a trial and error process, the lads finalize the recipe for the BOMBANANA Original, then called La Bomba Banana. They decide to replace raw sugar with bananas, reasoning that people were ignoring how amazing sweet could be with heat, and how much processed sugar was in hot sauce. 

November, 2019

First Sauce Distributed 

The gents share bottles of the hot sauce they produced with their friends and family.

January, 2020


With strong responses in the first semester, the lads decide to start a real business. 

February, 2020

First Sauce Manufactured 

Feast Detroit comes onboard as an official partner and a sample batch of sauce is produced. 

April, 2020

Official Launch 

BOMBANANA begin selling to the public online @

May, 2020


BOMBANANA Hot Sauces make its way into its first stores based in Michigan, Illinois, and New York. 

The Team

Jared Schacter

Jared was born in Manhattan, and has cooked under chefs Christopher Stam and Rafri Frias at Daniel Boulud's DB Bistro Moderne. While attending U-M, he spent time manning the plancha at Slurping Turtle. He also worked in restaurant management for James Mallios at Amali. His favorite foods include spaghetti and meatballs, high quality chicken stock, and BOMBA wings. You can follow him on Instagram


Grant Dukus

Grant grew up Trenton, MI and played competitive hockey that included two years of juniors before attending U-M. He brings expertise in sustainability and engineering, as well as an extreme love for hot sauce. You can follow him on Instagram


Jonny Moss

Jonny was born and raised in downtown Chicago. An economics graduate with a concentration in entrepreneurship, Jonny enjoys leveraging data and analytics to identify trends and improve business efficiencies, and has experience in marketing from GOLIN. He appreciates the art of cooking and especially likes sharing his culinary creations with others. You can follow him on Instagram



Kevin Bhattacharyya

Kevin is the son of entrepreneurs and has manifested that spirit since a young age. A Michigan Ross Graduate, he is fascinated with how technology can simplify and enhance business. His mantra is: “Success is measured by how many people’s lives are better off because you lived.” You can follow him on Instagram