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Our Story

The first bottles of sauce produced at scale with the name bombanana (2020)

September, 2019

Al Pastor Tacos 

Our four co-founders, one a chef, another a lifelong hot sauce connoisseur are living together in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan. They share many classic meals at their off-campus house dubbed the Lodge. During one, they craft their first shared spicy sauce. 

November, 2019

Original Recipe Perfected and First Sauce Distributed 

After a trial and error process, the lads finalize the recipe for the Original Every Day Sauce, then called La Bomba Banana. They decide to replace raw sugar with bananas, reasoning that people were ignoring how amazing sweet could be with heat, and how much more depth of flavor and versatility could be added to spicy sauces.

The gents share bottles of the sauce they produced in their kitchen with their friends and family. 

January, 2020

A Business is Born 

With strong responses in the first semester, the four founders decide to start a real business around the dining room table of the Lodge

February, 2020

First Sauce Production Run at Feast

Feast Detroit comes onboard as an official partner and a sample batch of sauce is produced. 

April, 2020

Official Launch 

BOMBANANA begins selling to the public online @

Spring 2021

Redefining Hot Sauce

Forbes, BBC World News, Spoon University, Daily Beast, Live in the D, and MLive features Bombanana for redefining hot sauce.