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How does shipping work?

You input your address during the checkout process and the goods should show up at your doorstep in 3-5 business days. We ship anywhere in the US. No sweat. No hassle. Just sauce. And if you have any trouble with that, shoot us an email at


Have we located the spice?

Well we think we have located a spice. Spices were discovered eons ago and since then millions of people have fought and perished in their pursuit. Our combination of bananas and chilis is a man-made spice sure, but a spice nonetheless. So like any good team of explorers, allow us to say, we have found a great spice — a grand spice — but we’re always seeking the next one.


Does our sauce taste like bananas? 

We use whole fresh bananas to make our hot sauces, yes - but that does not necessarily mean they radiate banana flavor. If you savor closely, however, and waft your hand as if reveling in a fine wine, you are sure to experience mild banana undertones that complement the robust kick from our assorted chilis. It is this simple sweetness from the bananas that accompanies our warm chili spice to deliver exceptional flavor in a full-bodied hot sauce. 

So, while we are BOMBANANA, our products do not solely taste like bananas.


Where can our sauce be found? 

Besides on our website, our sauces can be found in a variety of stores and restaurants. Check out our Stores page at the top to see a constantly updating list of where we can be found.


Do you ship internationally? 

Unfortunately, we cannot ship internationally at this moment -- but this is something high on our list of priorities, so be sure to check back soon and you should find a positive answer.


How can I contact you? 

Please shoot us an email at, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes! Please email and he will let you know about our available discounts. 


What is our Scoville? 

We do not recognize Scoville as a legitimate heat scale, as ratings are subjective and the chemistry inconclusive. But if you are asking how hot the sauce is, the Original has the heat of a solid jalapeno, and the Muy Muy is about the heat level of a serrano. 


 What happens if your significant other still prefers Big Hot Sauce? 

It’s time to make your significant other insignificant.


What does our sauce go with? 

What do you eat? The answer is right in front of you. Be sure to check out our social media pages for more BOMBANANA inspiration. 


Who are we?

A fine dining cook, a hot sauce aficionado — four college friends selling the most interesting hot sauce in the world.


Why did we make this hot sauce? 

While seeking the spice we found something too good not to share. 


What happens if I get BOMBANANA in my eye? 

Tough day. Fortunately for you, you’ll likely live another day. So ride that wave of pain for a minute, wash your eyes out with some cold water, and keep on seeking the spice. We suggest next time you use it on food.