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Affiliate Program

What is a Bombanana Affiliate?

An affiliate of Bombanana Hot Sauce is someone who connects new customers to the brand that is redefining hot sauce. 

Delicious and versatile, Bombanana is also a value-oriented company. Restaurant-quality sauce, no processed sugars, glass bottles, no plastic shipping materials - these are just a few examples of the commitment Bombanana has made to creating high quality products that are healthy for both the customer and the environment.

The Bombanana Affiliate program  allows individuals to monetize the traffic created by their content. If you enjoy Bombanana, promote our brand and get paid while doing it. It’s that simple. 


How Does the Program Work?

There are two primary ways that Bombanana Affiliates can earn payouts and commission. 

The first way to earn a payout is to connect new customers to our brand - we will pay a $5 bounty for every customer who makes a purchase using your unique URL and has not previously purchased from our online store. 

In addition to the new customer bounty, and regardless of new or existing customer status, Affiliates will earn 15% commission on all 6-pack purchases and 20% commission on all 12-pack purchases. With 6-packs and 12-packs selling for $40 and $75, respectively, you can begin to see how quickly your commission earnings can add up to a big pay day! The same commission structure applies on every subscription order for these products.

The Bombanana Affiliate Program is managed through LeadDyno. The easy-to-use platform offers you 24-hour access to reporting and creative, including ad banners and text links.


Who Should Sign Up?

Anyone with a site or social media account that is up and running and focuses on healthy eating, home cooking, hot sauce, or value-based products, Bombanana is a great fit with your content. Bombanana customers are spice seekers, foodies, and conscious consumers seeking a hot sauce that aligns with them. 


Why Sign Up?

  • Competitive, commission increasing by order size for bloggers, coupon, eCommerce sites, and social media accounts
  • 12 pack crates sell for $75! 
  • Free shipping for orders over $35
  • Dedicated affiliate manager


How do you sign up?

Just complete the application form available here. Applications will be quickly reviewed so you promptly begin earning commissions fast.



For questions about our Affiliate Program, contact our affiliate program manager at